fractional cto service

Full time experience, part time price

Many smaller organizations need an expert's experience when making decisions around technology, but don't have the budget for a full time person. I can act as a part time CTO for your organization, helping with issues such as:

  • strategic plannning
  • screening and interviewing for technology roles
  • security planning and reviews
  • technology audits
  • budgeting guidance

With more than 20 years of progressive technology experience - in the trenches with hands on code, as well as managing projects impacting 8-figure business operations, overseeing multiple development teams, and more - bring a balance view of the realities of technology and its impact on organizations, and help you make strong decisions to help your group make the most of its technology investments.

rapid prototyping for your web idea

Test your idea in days, not months

Do you have an idea for a web service that you'd like to see fleshed out quickly? Whether it's a web app, iPhone/iPad app, or an off-the-wall phone integration idea you've got kicking around, I can get a 'bare bones' version up quickly, usually within 1 week. This will be enough to run by your initial customers or internal stakeholders to see if the idea has legs. The code and assets are yours - if you want to transition the code to someone else afterwards (say, an internal development team in your company) .

performance audits

Make every byte count

Are you concerned about your site's performance? I can audit your existing server and code setup, and prepare a list of steps to take to make sure you're running at maximum speed for your visitors.


Keep your developers ahead of the curve

Do you have developer on staff who need training in more advanced concepts like version control, MVC, performance optimization or unit testing? I can provide onsite or web-based training for 2-20 students based on your team's specific needs.

mobile app development

Meet the demands of mobile users

Are you looking for an iPhone, iPad or Android app? Contact me! I'm happy to discuss your mobile needs in more detail. You may need a dedicated mobile app, or just a mobile version of your website. I can help you make that determination.

web development services

Take the stress out of managing your web project

In need of a larger scale development project, but don't know where to start? Give me a call. I can handle the entire development process for you, from determining the project requirements, helping to identify resources, scheduling and managing the development, performing the development, handling testing, project launch and after-support.