I've been working with web technologies for about 25 years now, and enjoy finding ways to help your business get more done with technology. Much of my work over the last 25 years has been with PHP and Java, but I've been fortunate enough to work in almost every major technology at some point in my career.

Between consulting for large and small clients, I spent many years as an instructor for Zend, one of the premier PHP services companies in the world, and was able to make many connections in that community. If I can't help, I probably know someone who can.

How I Help

In addition to straight development services, I can help you and your team in a number of other ways.

Rapid prototyping

Got an idea for an application, but you don't want it to drag out for weeks or months? Many ideas can be delivered in a minimal functional state (strong enough to test your ideas) in less than two weeks.

Develop your developers

Need some help getting your development team to the next level? I can help make your current developers more productive and confident, with guidance and hands-on direction with testing, version control, virtualization and other tools in modern software development.

Performance review

Is your web application not as speedy as you'd like? I can review your web application and identify where the bottlenecks are, with an improvement plan to deliver faster web responses.

Security review

Had your application hacked? Or afraid that it might be? I can review your codebase and infrastructure, identify the problem areas, and help you protect your application from future compromise.