client projects

Recent client projects include...


Working with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, I built a system to allow students across the state to update and manage their learning portfolios over the course of their education. (site) - (source code)


I've been working with North Carolina Virtual Public Schools to create and improve a registration system allowing administrators around the state to manage distance learning enrollments for over 10,000 students each semester.


Working with Goodtree & Company, I built a basic inventory management system for the Johnston County Nursery Assocation to allow member nurseries the ability to update their profiles and plant inventory. (site)

other projects

When I'm not working with clients, I work on some other projects, including:


virusade is a hosted virus scanning service for commercial applications. If you're writing a web app and need to ensure the safety of content before distributing it to your users, virusade is what you've been looking for.


zfKit is a starter kit for Zend Framework, which bundles a preconfigured Doctrine ORM library, a sample phpUnit test, and some examples on how to use various Zend Framework components such as Layout and Navigation.


grailsKit is a starter kit for the Grails framework, which provides the Spring Security plugin preconfigured with a layout which is aware of login/logout states.


twilioKit is a starter kit for the Twilio cloud service, built on top of zfKit. This project provides sample code to integrate Twilio in to Zend Framework projects.


I began podcasting in 2005, and have been fortunate to get to interview some really sharp people in the web development scene over the years.