Small catch up

So… I didn’t write much since April.  I took a bit of time off and went to Russia (some pics here – more to come later), and have been finishing up some contracts in May/June, and am now looking for the next thing to sink my teeth in to, so to speak (ping me if you’ve got an interesting project you think I might be a fit for).

We’ve got an interesting talk on PHP’s Composer project slated for our next PHP user group in Raleigh with our very own Jason Grimes – definitely looking forward to this one (come on out if you’re anywhere near the area!)  If you don’t follow Jason already, get to it – he’s got a lot of useful stuff on his blog.

The indieconf conference for web freelancers is coming again this year – still nailing down a date – but the call for presenters is open right now – submit your proposal to present if you’re interested in joining us this year!

It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost half over already!!!

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