Second spam call from military recruiters

Can phone calls be considered spam?  Telemarketers apparently have my name and cell number and are calling me.  Not just any telemarketers.  I’m getting cold calls from the US military.  I had someone from who knows what branch – she just said ‘military’ – call me last week.  I had ‘expressed an interest’ in joining the US military, and they were following up to let me know about all the exciting opportunities that awaited me.  I told her I hadn’t expressed any interest, and she *immediately* went in to a well rehearsed script stating that my number would be removed from their system and added to a national do not call list, but that might take up to 30 days to process.  This morning I got another call from a gentleman about joining the Army.  I’d ‘expressed interest’ again some how.  I was a bit less polite with him.  Surely they can remove me from their internal systems, right?  Unless this is all 4 (or 5?) branches going full out on their telemarketing campaigns separately, I’d have thought saying ‘do not call’ would mean ‘do not call’.  Ugh…

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