PHP certification views?

Manuel Lemos did an interview with Maurício Garcia on the topic of PHP certification.  It’s good to see this sort of thing talked about more, and to get an ‘international’ point of view.  My view on the topic is somewhat necessarily limited by my geography and experiences, but seem to mirror Mauricio’s fairly closely.

My PHP Job Hunter’s book is still lagging, but I heard from someone at the publisher that it may be announced in the next week or so.  This topic is addressed in the book, both with my personal views and experiences with the subject as well as interviews with 3 decision makers at companies that hire PHP developers.

My one divergence with Mauricio is the topic of BrainBench.  I think it might have been a good barometer 3-4 years ago, but today, at least for PHP, is, imo, essentially worthless.  From what I’ve seen BrainBench was acquired a year or two ago and there hasn’t been any new development since.  The PHP tests there were shockingly bad, assuming ‘register globals’ to be on in the code examples, for instance.  Manuel and I had a somewhat different view on BrainBench, question quality aside.  He dismissed it as not useful because it’s a web-based test.  I don’t necessarily think web-based testing is completely useless.  When the questions are timed (as in BrainBench) you at least have to have a basic understanding of the question, even if you’re going to try to Google for the answer.

Disclaimer: I’ve not taken the Zend certification, though I almost did last year.  I may take it this year, but may also wait for PHP6 and take a cert for that if/when it comes out.

What are your views on PHP certification?

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