New PHP book – Guide to Programming with Magento upcoming releaes

So, tomorrow (technically *today* in Australia!) is the date for PDF delivery of my brother’s new book – the PHP Architect’s Guide to Programming with Magento (I think that’s the full title).  More details here.  I’m really excited for him, as I know he put a lot of work over the past several months learning Magento and writing the book.  The biggest challenege was dealing with the underlying architecture changes that the Magento team applied in various versions leading up to (and including after!) the 1.0 release.  In some cases, there’s no actual behavioural change, but in describing the functionality, Mark would necessarily describe what was giong on under the hood.   Sometimes those descriptions needed to change to reflect the new functionality, even if to the end user nothing changed.  That’s life when dealing with software, especially writing about beta software – it’s quite a moving target.  If you’re deailng with Magento, I’m sure the book will save you some time getting up to speed with the various aspects of Magento which might seem a bit overwhelming at first.

On a related note, php|a got back to me regarding my book.  I had it turned in to them about 2 months ago now, and it’s been ‘on hold’ while some other projects (like the Magento book) took precedence.  My “PHP Job Hunter’s Handbook” should be out some time in the next month, assuming no major changes.  I wish I’d known about this change in schedule, as I’d probably have gone back and done some more revisions.  Having said that, there always has to be *some* cut off point, and then was probably as good a time as any.  I’ll post more when my book is available too.

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