Neal Ford keynote @ codemash

I’m not going to write a whole lot about this, but Neal Ford’s main takeaway point was that the future of programming is dynamically typed languages running on virtual machines – things like JRuby running on the JVM or IronPython on .NET.  I’m putting those examples in his mouth, so to speak – he didn’t use those specific examples, but that’s what I took away.  Dynamic languages are big for Neal, working at Thoughtworks, a big Ruby shop.  I’ve mostly been in the ‘dynamic language’ world anyway, so it doesn’t seem like that big of a shift to me.  Moving from PHP in to Groovy is sort of a no brainer, in a way, because the dynamic goodness is still there, but you get some of the ecosystem benefits of the Java world.

One other quote (he was quoting someone else) is that in 10 years (was it 10 years?), compiling a program will just be seen as a weak form of unit testing.  Interesting thought, though perhaps it’s a bit too far?  I dunno.

Any thoughts from any of you on the future of the programming?

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