My book is published! (and other great books from PHP Architect)

I started my “PHP Job Hunter’s Handbook” many moons ago, and had interest from PHP Architect last summer/fall about publishing it.  After some false starts in finishing it, we wrapped it up several weeks ago, and happily it’s ‘out there’.  Whew!

The perfectionist in me was somewhat reluctant about publishing it at first, but after several rounds o feedback from some trusted sources, I was comfortable with it, and turned it in.  Then it sat.  :)  That’s the publishing world I guess – hurry up and wait some times!  My brother’s book on programming Magento took some precendence (understandably so) and PHP Architect’s “php|tek” conference needed to be snuck in there too :)

My release is coinciding with PHP Architect’s other two books – Stefan Preibsch’s “PHP5 Migration Guide” (timely because support for PHP4 is ending in a few months!) and Ivo Jansch’s “Guide to Enterprise Development“.  Judging from the table of contents, each book looks to serve both timely and timeless needs in the PHP community.  I’m more than honored to be sharing the bookshelf with such great material and authors (Jason Sweat, Ben Ramsey, Ilia Alshanetsky, Ron Goff and Davey Shafik!) and hope my book is helpful to those hitting the PHP job market in the next several months.

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Web Developer Freelancing Handbook

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