How do I get the attention of someone at QVC ?

I’m really not sure how to get the attention of someone at QVC in their tech dept.  I’ve tried many things, and nothing has yet worked.  My problem – described earlier – is still not better.  My thinking has shifted slightly – I think this is more likely an Akamai problem, but it’s still affecting QVC customers.  How many?  Not sure, but multiple other people have bothered to register and comment over at HSN’s forums.  Logging problems for QVC over at HSN.  Brilliant!

So, do I need to write “QVC SUCKS!” on my blog to get someone to notice me?  Given all the social media tools out there, it’s not that hard to monitor mention of your company (but why didn’t they monitor and pick up my mention yesterday?).  I wasn’t that blatant before, so I guess “QVC SUCKS” may me the thing that gets me a call back.  Hopefully.

QVC has a Twitter account.  Someone yesterday from their “behindTheQ” twitter account *did* reply back to me saying they’d try to find someone to help.  That’s a start.  ‘course, me being used to twitter, I typically expect a response in minutes, not hours, but, again, it’s a start.

QVC doesn’t really suck.  If they sucked, I wouldn’t bother trying to log in, now, would I?  Actually, this is all for my wife’s benefit, not mine.  Given that whatever outage that’s caused this problem is affecting countless other people for days (weeks in some cases), I can think that this has likely cost QVC *at least* thousands, if not tens of thousands.  For a company that does millions in an hour, though, this probably isn’t even showing up on their radar.  And now I’m trying to make it show up there.

Blip blip blip.

QVC – I can be reached at or 919-827-4724.


Many other people who *can* log in are still reporting problems with pictures loading slow.  This seems more and more to point to an Akamai problem.


For what it’s worth, I think this might be some sort of SSL accelerator misconfiguration or blocking on their end (QVCs).  Can’t prove it of course, but just a hunch.  Or something else misconfigured in incoming routing on SSL traffic.  @behindTheQ replied to me and said they’d fwd info to IT.  Perhaps they’ll read this and help out!

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