Event-driven MVC in ZF – a good match?

zf2_logoI’ve been working with ZF2 some the past several weeks, and have to say it’s a bit odder than I expected.  Beyond the verbosity of the standard directory layouts (“/modules/Foo/src/Foo/Controller/BarController.php”?  really? “views” not being under “src” by default bugs me too…), the ‘event’ system seems to be the preferred way of dealing with things these days.

However, we’re shoving “event-based” architecture with a more traditional web-MVC approach, and it doesn’t *feel* like this is going to be a good marriage.  I may be wrong, of course, and obviously things “work”, as in I can make a request and get a response. It is probably that ZF2 is simply a bit too new still – I’m not seeing a lot of good examples of “best practices” to follow, nor am I seeing a concise list of framework-provided events (googling for “Zf2 core events” wasn’t useful, for example).

Personally, I’ve tended to associate “event driven” with languages and platforms that were long-lived – being able to signal an event to something that was running in memory for hours or days, knowing it would be there after the current request had gone – makes more sense.  Event-driven in a language like PHP feels wrong, although I realize it’s in the context of ZF specifically, not the PHP language.

So…wWhat resources should I be looking at for ‘best practices’, and good examples of using event-driven thinking in MVC?

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