Disappointed with PHP namespace seperator decision

Haven’t blogged on PHP in awhile, so here goes…

It seems the PHP team has decided on using \ as the namespace separator.  I’m still flummoxed as to why :: or ::: wasn’t chosen.

So now we’ll have things like my\package\name but will we be able to use dynamic namespaces?  Like my\package\$name ?

I just have a strange feeling this is going to end up causing unintended or unforeseen problems (like many PHP decisions end up doing, which only get rectified years later).

So when will the natural successor to PHP arrive?  Natural successor would be something that can play well in virtual hosting environments, have basic understandabilty (/foo/bar.php means that bar.php is in the foo directory), act like glue between disparate external libraries (GD, etc.), be reasonably fast and open source?

I dunno.  Sometimes I get the feeling PHP continues to succeed more because of the relative failures of the alternatives.  :)

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