Web color and font detection

I came across an idea on someone’s blog a bit ago asking for a display of colors/fonts used when bookmarking a website. This was someone speaking from a web designer perspective – curating a list of sites for visual inspiration isn’t uncommon, but knowing a bit more about the details of the sites might save a bit of time if you decide you want to use the same combination of colors or fonts.

I put together a quick service as a proof of concept. You can give it a URL and it will retrieve a screenshot, then parse out the fonts and colors used on the site, and display them to you, usually in under 10 seconds.

Quickly get the fonts and colors for a web page

A few changes may be coming in the next day or two, but this serves its primary purpose for my needs right now. Shoot me an email and let me know what you think…. michael@kimsal.com

installing canjs 5 via npm bug

Was looking at canjs5 earlier, and tried to install via the instructions.

I’ve got npm 6, but there’s a dependency in “can-connect” (must be related to canjs base) which requires npm 3 (only). This was set in 2016, and hasn’t been fixed. I have to wonder how people have been installing and using canjs in the last year or so… ?

I created a bug with canjs, but the ‘fix’ if you happen to get here searching for this bug…

npm install can@5 –save –engine-strict=false

back to some mobile

I’d done some small- to medium-sized projects in ionic a couple years back, and titanium/appcelerator before that, but have been focused on server-side and browser-based work for the last year or so. I’m jumping back to mobile/hybrid, and seeing what’s new.

I’ve been a fan of vuejs for a couple years now, and Ionic 4 now ‘officially’ supports vuejs integration. I was waiting for this for a while – I could take 2 stacks that I know already and be more productive. However… the ‘official’ support seems a bit … weak at the moment, and Angular is still king in the Ionic world. I started a demo project with all the latest angular/ionic stuff, and may put a link to that here if/when I get done with it. I’m just… not a big fan of Angular – it all feels very bulky compared to Vue, so that project may not get done.

To that end, I’ve had some interest in Quasar recently. This looks like “ionic for vue” more or less, but I’m a bit hesitant to jump too far in, mostly just because of time. But it’s on my radar.

Couldn’t remember this name – Framework7 – took a bit of googling to get to it! My friend Mitch threw this at me last year, an it’s now back in my ‘to do’ list to review.

NativeScript – they have ‘official’ support for VueJS (or maybe it’s ‘unofficial’?). This … I dunno – I spent a bit of time last fall looking in to it but it never clicked. Felt a bit like Titanium/Appcelerator perhaps? But I hear/read good things about it, so it’s back on my list.

Svelte.dev – came across this a couple months ago, then my brother mentioned it again recently. I’ve done some basic ‘hello world’ stuff, and maybe a bit further than that. The ‘single component’ aspect feels a lot like Vue components, and the ‘stuff done in the compile step’ is an interesting angle/twist. This video shows a recent talk and is worth watching to understand svelte and the thinking behind it more.

I’m off to dive in to one of these in the next few minutes, just to see how far I can get in 30 min. If I have anything of interest, I’ll follow up 🙂