New dev habits

In the last 2-3 years I’ve started to kick off more projects with Laravel 5 vs other toolkits. There’s been a variety of reasons for this, which I’ll likely blog about in the next few months. For starters, it was mostly just as an experiment to get some experience and compare/contrast with other experiences. There are still bits I don’t care for (as with any tool) but there’s a couple of bundled conveniences which have influenced how I build code.

The ‘tinker’ REPL provides a good balance between quick ‘lemme check this code’ and keeping all the framework bootstrapping and autoloading stuff in place (vs just writing a file and running it via php cli). I’ve built CLI bootstrap processes in the past which accomplish some of this, and having this already bundled with the toolkit provides more convenience.

Relatedly, the ‘console’ command structure and support being bundled has had an impact. And when these tools already bundled and there’s little configuration/setup I need to do, I tend to use these more.

FWIW, this isn’t meant as a “pro-Laravel” post – I use it and like it, but also realize this is bundling tools and concepts that already existed (IIRC the Laravel console stuff is primarily built on the the Symfony console code, which, again IIRC, I think is using PsySH as its base?)

So… how have these helped? They’ve made it easier for me to think in terms of smaller, reusable code blocks. By knowing I have a documented and fairly easy way of using code X both from the CLI and from web request, I find myself thinking and coding with that reuse in mind from day one, vs looking at existing code and thinking about how to refactor it to be reusable.

That said, phpunit has always had that effect, but I don’t often find myself thinking in terms of test stuff at the beginning of a project. That’s where tinker tends to come in.Being able to jump to a command line and exercise some small bit of code first, before the ceremony of tests and associated setup, has been a big help for how I work. Side note: I’ve recently just switched to ‘tinx‘ to allow for faster context reloading when inside tinker.

Between moving to PHPStorm years ago, and tools liker tinker, phpunit and psysh, I’ve felt more productive and able to provide more maintainable code. Even though I still have a ways to go on the discipline of sticking to things (never feel like there’s enough tests on projects, for example), having this growing ecosystem of PHP tooling and community has had a big impact.

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