Laravel is sending duplicate emails!

So… I wrote a previous post about how to prevent duplicates, but this post is about a different type of duplication problem. I encountered this issue about 18 months ago, and asked around, and few people seemed to know what I was talking about, and I don’t specifically see it mentioned in the docs. So.. … Continue reading “Laravel is sending duplicate emails!”

chunked file uploads with plupload

Holy tamole… Have been wrestling with a client project using ‘plupload’ with a user base consistently uploading files from 150-500meg on a daily basis. They’d been uploading to youtube/vimeo mostly, because the experience with the older uploader (still plupload earlier version) was bad – slow, mostly, but some issues about determining whether items were uploaded/processed … Continue reading “chunked file uploads with plupload”

Avoid features vs abandoning them

I stumbled on an article from Matt Galligan about the initial versions of, a news aggregator app from a few years ago that recently closed up. So the article talked about many of the design ideas they had, and the struggles they worked through before changing or abandoning some ideas.  This is an example … Continue reading “Avoid features vs abandoning them”

Facebook app permissions bummer…

When building any site that will interact with Facebook, you need to have a user connect their Facebook account with your site.  You create an app listing on Facebook, get some handshake tokens, put them in your code, then have a user initiate a connection between your site and their Facebook account. The initiation is … Continue reading “Facebook app permissions bummer…”