Zend Framework starter kit interest?

I’m putting together a basic Zend Framework starter kit.  Right now I’ve got basic Doctrine 1.2 integration with predefined directories for schema, models, etc.  Also an init process to allow for automatic injection of specified objects on to front controllers (think $this->session available in your controllers, for example).

Any interest in getting a copy of this?  What other things would you like to see preconfigured or preintegrated in a starter kit?

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  1. Hi,

    will be better if comes with modules pre-configureds for modular applications.


  2. how about integration between doctrine and zf_form? zf-debug toolbar too.

  3. Yeah! I think lotsa folks would like to feel like they aren’t starting from scratch.

  4. Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl with basic guest, member, admin

  5. Hi, i would prefer an integration into zend tool this would be awesome ;)

  6. Sounds like a good idea! We also have something similar in our company. It’s easier to start a new project with such a “starter kit”. Zend_Tool isn’t “good” enough yet for using it efficiently (from my point of view), it’s cool what it can do right now and helps people a bit to get things done fast, its okay for the moment! ;)

  7. I’m a newbie and very interesting in getting a copy of this.

    Thank you

  8. I’ve got something similar setup and available on http://rdvr.be/dBkaQO

    - Zend Framework 1.9.6
    - ZFDebug 1.5
    - Doctrine 1.2.1
    - Smarty 3.0 beta 5
    - CSScaffold latest git version

  9. Yeah! Very good idea with Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl its a perfect kit

  10. Hey cool – maybe I won’t need to finish mine then! :) Thanks!

  11. Dompdf would be nice. It’s always a hassle to register its autoloader

  12. Highly interested! Don’t know enough to make recommend additions.

  13. Yes, I’m working on a similar project and I would like to compare my choices with yours… the freedom that ZF gives is a good thing but you can get confused on what is best to do.
    Thanks for your work and for sharing it.
    – bm

  14. I am interested.

  15. Check OxyBase, is a zend framework extension and good starter kit http://www.oxyweb.lt/oxybase/

  16. I think that it is useful for a lot of people, but for someone that is starting to use ZF, i’d stick to ZF components only.
    No smarty, no doctrine, no propel, in summary no external libs.

    I’m not saying that these external libs are bad, for example doctrine is awesome, but for someone that is starting to use ZF they create confusion.

    I’ve got a lot of people asking me for example, “do i have do install doctrine to use models?”. I think a good solid starter kit for ZF with examples on how to use sessions, auth, acl, cache, navigation, modules, and config, its a very good starting point.

    After they have they’re basis solid then they can go and integrate doctrine, smarty and so on. They already have a solid knowledge on how the basic components work together.

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