WebDevRadio podcast series – Interview with Brian Moon on scaling LAMP

This is the last in my MySQL conference series.  Brian Moon, author of Phorum and Sr Developer at Dealnews.com, sat down and gave a recap of his two presentations.  We have here nearly a full hour of his insights in to PHP/MySQL scalability, both with an app like Phorum and a more complex environment like Dealnews.  The sound was pretty good, although there was a hum in the background I tried to get rid of via ‘noise removal’.  I think this still sounds decent.  Let me know if the sound is too awkward and I’ll give it another pass if need be.

Thanks to Brian for going over things in such detail!  I hardly asked any questions, as I was trying to soak up as much as possible for myself, and I picked up more than a few useful nuggets.  He also touched on the future of the PHP//MySQL combination with the MyQSLnd (“next driver”?  I forget now!) driver being developed.  There’s some great info in here – listen up!

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  1. mysqlnd is mysql native driver, it is removing the extra layer of transferring data around in php by implementing things directly with zend etc instead of using mysql client libs for it all and doing double copies etc

  2. Yes you’re right. I’m not terribly up on the cutting edge at the moment, but Brian does a great job of explaining some of the internals of this ND in the podcast episode, towards the last 15 minutes or so I believe.

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