Seven things about me (reply to Ben’s post)

I got ‘pinged’ by Ben Ramsey on this topic, so here goes:

  1. First computer was Sinclair ZX81 – 1K of RAM – soldered together from a kit ordered from UK.
  2. Played bass in a number of bands, including a blues band when I was 18 and next youngest guy was 37.  Played for several years with some friends from HS – ‘modern rock / alternapop’ stuff. I may even have a CD somewhere.
  3. Worked at a Kroger during a strike – had to cross the picket line and got shouted/spat at.  Fun times to make $6.50/hour.
  4. Played Paul McCartney in a Beatlefest band competition (yep, played left-handed).
  5. I despise the taste of beer, beer related drinks, and cooked vegetables (I don’t mean combined, I mean as three separate things).
  6. Had a small article published in “Compute!’s Gazette” in the mid ’80s dealing with ’80 column mode’ on the C128.
  7. Got an email reply from Warren Robinett for my fanboy email.
  8. Have never done one of these ‘things about me’ blog meme things before.
  9. Have a hard time stopping at 7 when making lists.

I don’t have anyone in mind to ‘tag’ who hasn’t been tagged (and who has a blog that I know of) but if I think of anyone, I’ll ping them.  :)

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