Reset vtiger 5.0.4 default admin password

I had to seach around for this, and still had to piece together the info.  Apparently people have some sort of reluctance to just give you the actual SQL statements to run.  Yes, the table names *might* be different if you choose non-default prefixes, for example, or you’ve done major modifications, but I suspect you’ll be able to figure out the diffs based on the following statement(s):

> mysql -u user -ppass

mysql> use vtiger;

mysql> update vtiger_users set user_hash=’21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3′, user_password=’adpexzg3FUZAk’,confirm_password=’adoY/6Mlw8kqg’,crypt_type=”  where user_name=’admin';

This will reset the ‘admin’ username to password ‘admin’ using vtiger 5.0.4.

Hope that helps someone, and I hope I never need to do that again.  :)

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  1. SQL query:

    UPDATE vtiger_users SET user_hash = ’21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3′,
    user_password = ’adpexzg3FUZAk’,
    confirm_password = ’adoY / 6Mlw8kqg’,
    crypt_type = ” WHERE user_name = ’admin’

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1054 – Unknown column ‘’admin’’ in ‘where clause’

  2. Carlo Beschi (aka carloz)

    nice tip :-)

    @eugene: you might need to replace the ” ’ ” characters with ” ‘ “.


  3. Rafael Braga(Brazil)

    Tks for this tips.
    But I found another way to do that.
    In your vtiger database on the vtiger_users table (if you know any user password) change the field “is_admin” (for this user) to “on”. (now this user has admin access)
    Log with this user on vtiger go to Settings–>Settings–> Users.
    Select “Admin” and change the password. :)

    (don’t forget to put back the field “is_admin” to this user.
    In my case i used standarduser to do that.


  4. Jonathan Montenegro


    the current query had a little syntax error, this is the right query:

    update vtiger_users set user_hash=’21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3′, use
    r_password=’adpexzg3FUZAk’,confirm_password=’adoY/6Mlw8kqg’,crypt_type=”” where user_name=’admin';

  5. Carlos Cristobal

    This one worked well for me!

    UPDATE vtiger_users SET user_hash = ‘21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3′,
    user_password = ‘adpexzg3FUZAk’,
    confirm_password = ‘adoY/6Mlw8kqg’ WHERE user_name = ‘admin’

  6. Had the same issue with a new install of vtiger 510 and this helped. Thanks!!

  7. I didn’t even realise default pwd was ‘admin’. Just installed it. Nice product but it does not look like slick code. But its free. Wait to see if it is stable.

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