Pet friendly house plans

I’m looking for pet friendly house plans. Having been pet owner (2 cats) for the past 8 years, and having looked at dozens of houses (and moved 4 times) during that time, I’ve yet to find any houses which acknowledge that the family may have pets. Whenever we look at homes or house plans, it’s always a struggle to find a place to put the cats’ litter box. We’ve considered getting a dog, and yet have not seen houses which have dedicated places for dogs (little sleeping bed area, for example). Given that the pet industry is billions of dollars strong, and that American pet owners spent $38 billion dollars in 2006, I’m more than a little surprised major home builders like Pulte and KB Homes aren’t even considering pet accomodations in their houses. I’m not suggesting adding on full-fledge pet jungle gyms or whatnot, but dedicating a little 5′ by 5′ area someplace as a ‘pet haven’ or something like that would certainly be a welcome addition for pet owners such as myself. As simple as it sounds, a touch like that would probably sway us in our next home purchase. These things would add resale value to houses as well.

If you know of pet-friendly house plans, please comment here or email me at

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  1. I have been looking for the same thing. If you have any luck, please let me know.
    I have 7 cats, all were taken in to keep them off the street and 3 dogs. I love them
    dearly and would love someday to build a house that would accomadate them better. I will
    never be without animals and would love designes for an indoor kennal that had access to the
    outside. A cat room with place for them to lounge and climb. I am not imaginative in the
    building area and would love to just find already made up plans

  2. There is an AWESOME book the The Cat’s House by Bob walker.. It’s an amazing book with awesome ideas on how to make a Cat Paradise. I completely suggest it for any cat lover who is handy. There aren’t extremely detailed instructions on how exactly to build everything but it gives you a plethera of ideas and projects to make your house stylish AND cat friendly..

    email if you decide to use any of their ideas.. I would LOVE to see pictures of it.. I JUST bought a house this month and haven’t started doing the cat walks yet, but will be probably next month!

    email is lilmsscareall(at)aol(dot)com

  3. Thanks for pointing out this book LindsayAnn. I get a fair amount of traffic to this post, I guess because people are looking for this sort of thing. The link for the book by Bob Walker is (I hope that shows up!)

  4. I am looking for the same thing – a pet friendly home plan – and cannot really find the right one.

    Good luck.

  5. Still looking. I think I want to try and create one myself.

  6. A suggestion for searching for pet friendly house plans: I found that searching for house plans that included a “mud room” or “friends’ entrance” is helpful. You will have fewer duds to sift through. Consider hiring a licensed archtect (not a draftsman) to tweak the plans for you.

  7. Hi Michael, I, like you, have cats and stumbled upon your site while looking up “pet friendly house plans.” We have decided on a plan but have tweaked areas in it to accommodate our 4 rescue cats : Beau, Dash, feebi, and Julz. We have allowed an area in our master bath that would have been kind of wasted space to become a cat waste area, complete with a motion activated light, floor drain, tile walls and frosted glass door, OH! and a faucet. (Think new modern shower style) :) We are also incorporating some cat walks, high shelves and hiding/napping areas, It’s been fun to see what we could come up with. When we are finished with the construction I will try to post pictures. We just couldn’t find any plans to fit our needs so we changed them ourselves…you should have seen the look on the architechs face when we told him the changes were to accommodate CATS! :)

  8. Some of my ideas for a pet friendly (cats) home design would be to incorporate an outdoor containment wall living area large enough for a dozen cats. Have an area they are attracted to for their toilet needs away from a catnip corner so to speak. The exterior would appear private on one side and accessible on the other The inside would be comfortable for both you and the pets wth a few rooms off limits for the pets. Since cat waste is so taxing on sewerage all waste indoors would be at a litter area.

  9. We have a wonderful backyard for our dog and cats but our neighbors now have two very large vicious dogs. We are moving. I want to have a pet friendly house and enclosed area outdoors for them but can’t find any house plans suitable.Rhonda described it perfectly. I just need to find an appropriate plan and builder.

  10. A modest but nice idea for a dog crate, made from an IKEA storage bench:

  11. Did anyone find a house plan with a dog room? I’ve been searching and can’t find any ready-made plans.


  12. No bjw, not found anything, but I’ve not been looking in a while.

  13. has several plans that have a “pet corner”. The problem is there is no easy way to search for them specifically. You just randomly find them when you look at different plans. I’ve decided the next time I come across one to try to figure out who the designer is and then it might help narrow down the searching.

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