Pet friendly house plans

I’m looking for pet friendly house plans. Having been pet owner (2 cats) for the past 8 years, and having looked at dozens of houses (and moved 4 times) during that time, I’ve yet to find any houses which acknowledge that the family may have pets. Whenever we look at homes or house plans, it’s always a struggle to find a place to put the cats’ litter box. We’ve considered getting a dog, and yet have not seen houses which have dedicated places for dogs (little sleeping bed area, for example). Given that the pet industry is billions of dollars strong, and that American pet owners spent $38 billion dollars in 2006, I’m more than a little surprised major home builders like Pulte and KB Homes aren’t even considering pet accomodations in their houses. I’m not suggesting adding on full-fledge pet jungle gyms or whatnot, but dedicating a little 5′ by 5′ area someplace as a ‘pet haven’ or something like that would certainly be a welcome addition for pet owners such as myself. As simple as it sounds, a touch like that would probably sway us in our next home purchase. These things would add resale value to houses as well.

If you know of pet-friendly house plans, please comment here or email me at

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