mind blowing security practice

Yeah, you read that right.

Kids, don’t try this sort of security in your own web apps.  This is reserved for high-end financial institutions only.

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  1. “passwords should not be longer than 9 characters, not contain special characters and should spell the word ‘secret'”

  2. Look at ICQ. There your passwords can´t be longer than 8 characters. lol

  3. I’m not sure I see a problem, “password” is only 8 letters :)

  4. It should also say, “it can’t be riley6 either”

  5. Well, I guess you know your password is safe in unencrypted, un-hashed form directly in their DB char field.

  6. Sweet, I’m safe with 12345. Whoops, I guess I’ll have to change the combination on my luggage. ;)

  7. The bigger problem is that I saw almost the same problem with internet banking. Password can’t be more than 10 symbols long?!?!

  8. “riley6″? Damn how they could figure out my password?

  9. *yours*?! give it back, you swine!

  10. They’re making sure we don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome from typing exuberant passwords.

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