indieconf – conference for web freelancers – november 19

indieconf – the conference for independent web professionals – is fast approaching.  This year indieconf is on Saturday, November 19, in Raleigh, NC, and it will be a full day of learning from and networking with other freelance and independent web people.  Designers, developers and everyone in between are welcome to join us!

This year sees some new speakers joining us – Michael Marshall, Laura Creekmore, Pepper Oldziey just to name a few, and some of our friends from year one are back for year two, including Patrick O’Keefe, Doug Foster, Neil Tortorella and many more.

We’ve got a couple more surprises to the schedule which aren’t announced yet, but don’t let that stop you from registering now.  :)

So… what is indieconf?  Some of you readers from last year may remember, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the quick backstory.

I’ve been a freelance web guy for the past 4 years, and I love tech conferences.  However, I got discouraged after going to some great conferences, but realizing that most of the info there didn’t really help me all that much.  Learning about new tech was great fun, but what I really needed was to understand how to write up better contracts, land better clients, deal with collections, and so on.  Now, there’s a lot of business networking groups that help deal with many of these issues, but most of those people there aren’t web people – they don’t know javascript from java – and I just never felt like I was making the most of those events.

From that frustration, indieconf was born as a conference that brings together web freelancers (programmers, designer, writers, etc.) who primarily work on the web ( you know who you are!) together with experts in legal, financial, accounting, marketing and business who *also* understood the web and worked with freelancers.  The combination last year was pretty good, and this year we’re looking to make it even better, based on learning from your feedback.

What are you waiting for?  Register today or learn more at

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