indieconf 2011 call for presenters

Our indieconf 2011 call for presenters is open.

indieconf is the conference for independent web professionals – whether you’re a developer, designer or someone in between, if you’re an independent freelancer or small agency, indieconf is for you.

What are we looking for?  Topics of direct or indirect interest to web freelancers – mobile development, server side tech, client side tech, workflow issues, client management topics, financial issues, legal issues, marketing, SEO and more!

indieconf will be held in Raleigh, NC on November 19, and we’ve got an early bird special of $99/ticket going on right now – get your ticket today! :)

I'm currently working on a book for web freelancers, covering everything you need to know to get started or just get better. Want to stay updated? Sign up for my mailing list to get updates when the book is ready to be released!

Web Developer Freelancing Handbook

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  1. I’m additionally interested in affilate and search engine marketing.

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