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I’m launching a new blog over at to focus more of my ‘web development’ topics over there.  I’ll likely still post some here, but if you want more of my web-related stuff, I suggest that you subscribe to  Yes, it’s the same theme as this blog for now, so it might be slightly confusing at first, but it is different.  :)

I'm currently working on a book for web freelancers, covering everything you need to know to get started or just get better. Want to stay updated? Sign up for my mailing list to get updates when the book is ready to be released!

Web Developer Freelancing Handbook

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  1. My advice is to kill the new blog. There really isn’t any value of you having multiple blogs. You are you, build your own brand.

  2. Interesting view, and one I have given some consideration before starting this. that may end up being the direction this takes, but probably not just yet. Yes, “you” are your brand, certainly, but there are still many facets of “you” and segmenting them can help bring focus that may not exist otherwise. There are some things I’d prefer to talk about in my current blog that are a bit more personal, and mixing those two doesn’t sit well with me (at least, it doesn’t right now). You run your podcast separately from your main site, although they’re obviously intertwined to a large degree, so perhaps you see a bit of value in a separation of content.

    In either case, thanks for the feedback and I hope y’all are doing well in Hattiesburg.

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