How not to apply for a job

My brother’s girlfriend is reviewing applicant resumes to schedule interviews to fill a recent job opening where she works.  She just found this cover letter and sent it over:

I am a [Current Job Title] with extensive experience [highlight a skill or area where you achieved measurable benefits] for [employer names]. I have [number of years] years of experience [provide high-level description of responsibilities in this role]. In this role, I [describe key responsibilities].

Not sure there’s much more to say about this, but I wanted to share it with y’all.

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  1. Actually, I just applied to a monster job.

    This cover letter template has some “wonky” javascript attached to it that refreshes the whole page. And there’s no preview. So, I can see how this might actually be related to a browser, or javascript security error.

  2. Haha, that is classic. Thanks for sharing it. Sometimes when you are casting that net for jobs, you can get a little carried away with yourself and overlook a few things. This, however, is priceless!

  3. Thanks, needed a good laugh.

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