How do I get the attention of someone at QVC ?

I’m really not sure how to get the attention of someone at QVC in their tech dept.  I’ve tried many things, and nothing has yet worked.  My problem – described earlier – is still not better.  My thinking has shifted slightly – I think this is more likely an Akamai problem, but it’s still affecting QVC customers.  How many?  Not sure, but multiple other people have bothered to register and comment over at HSN’s forums.  Logging problems for QVC over at HSN.  Brilliant!

So, do I need to write “QVC SUCKS!” on my blog to get someone to notice me?  Given all the social media tools out there, it’s not that hard to monitor mention of your company (but why didn’t they monitor and pick up my mention yesterday?).  I wasn’t that blatant before, so I guess “QVC SUCKS” may me the thing that gets me a call back.  Hopefully.

QVC has a Twitter account.  Someone yesterday from their “behindTheQ” twitter account *did* reply back to me saying they’d try to find someone to help.  That’s a start.  ‘course, me being used to twitter, I typically expect a response in minutes, not hours, but, again, it’s a start.

QVC doesn’t really suck.  If they sucked, I wouldn’t bother trying to log in, now, would I?  Actually, this is all for my wife’s benefit, not mine.  Given that whatever outage that’s caused this problem is affecting countless other people for days (weeks in some cases), I can think that this has likely cost QVC *at least* thousands, if not tens of thousands.  For a company that does millions in an hour, though, this probably isn’t even showing up on their radar.  And now I’m trying to make it show up there.

Blip blip blip.

QVC – I can be reached at or 919-827-4724.


Many other people who *can* log in are still reporting problems with pictures loading slow.  This seems more and more to point to an Akamai problem.


For what it’s worth, I think this might be some sort of SSL accelerator misconfiguration or blocking on their end (QVCs).  Can’t prove it of course, but just a hunch.  Or something else misconfigured in incoming routing on SSL traffic.  @behindTheQ replied to me and said they’d fwd info to IT.  Perhaps they’ll read this and help out!

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  1. QVC is an enigma wrapped in riddle that is shrouded in mystery. Best of luck to you! :-)

  2. dissatisfied w/QVC

    I buy on QVC for the specials and auto-delivery, but also shop buy my makeup in the store. Will no longer order from QVC due to poor customer service.
    Called QVC after tracking my package and having UPS tell me QVC needed to put a tracer on the lost package – even though the delivery date had not passed, they already noted their was an exception and QVC should initiate a trace now. QVC refused to place the trace and rep would not transfer me to a manager.
    Called UPS back and they are handling, but QVC will no longer get my business, or my family’s business, or my friends. Posting on Facebook and Twitter. I am not bitter, but I do not have time for poor customer service.”

  3. I just received my shipment from QVC I ordered on 12/9/09 for a iPod Nano with accessory kit. Guess what, NO iPod Nano in the box!!! Talk about crappy company! I am furious and this is a xmas gift for this Saturday. I called customer service and they had no supervisor available, of course not they were getting ready to go home for the night. I am so pissed off right now I can’t even see straight. AND they have no more iPods in stock- AT ALL!!!! This is gonna be a great week. Thanks QVC for horrible service…. Never again!!!! Should have learned my lesson from ordering from them before!!!! Spread the word……………..

  4. I have been having a horrible time getting through to customer service. QVC DOES SUCK>>> I would like to start a website to warn everyone of the QVC crap that a LOT of people have been experiencing. I didn’t think to look on the net before I ordered but, the web is LOADED with complaints about over charging for the Wii. That is what happened to us. We ordered the Wii then a few days later they came out with another package that had way more features and would not call me back. I did get through to a lady who promised she would look at it and call me back…that was a week ago. One guy in customer service actually laughed and said there is nothing I will be able to do but send it back….so…we are sending it back.
    He also would not put me through to a manager. QVC SUCKS!!!! Don’t order from QVC Thanks Mike for this forum. How about a site dedicated to QVC Ripoff!

  5. Hey Paul:

    I was on the fence about posting this. I really don’t want this to turn in to a QVC-bashing headquarters. We had some problems, but they did get resolved. My problems were technical in nature, and confounded by traditional call-center operations, but were fixed relatively quickly.

    Many others like you are posting here out of frustration with QVC because the traditional channels aren’t working properly. To that end, I decided to post this to help illustrate to QVC that they might need to have more of an engaging web presence to deal with web-based complaints. Web-based complaints likely wouldn’t be an issue if things were dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction in the regular channels, but apparently they’re not, and people are turning to any other channel they can find.

    What *might* be useful is to create a google group of your own, then allow people to post their own stories there. Centralized, they might have an impact with QVC, whereas one-off stories spread around the web won’t.

  6. Debra Iammatteo

    I have been a loyal QVC customer since its enception. I have spents thousands of dollars, and introduced many new customer to them. Last year I had a case of Idenity theft on my checking account, it took time for my bank to clear this matter , and I had two items on easy pay which were in the mix. Following the investigation, everything was cleared and the easy pays paid in full. Several months later, I recieved a Judith Ripka necklace in the mail, I did not order the item. I called QVC to return the item, they placed my account under investigation, and then closed it without the customer service to speak to me directly. I was very upset as I was treated like a criminal. This is a company who did not have the common curtiuosy to explain this matter to me. I mailed several letters to the corporate office and recieved no return correspondence. I have never done a decefietful thing in my entire life. What does this tell you about QVC

  7. QVC host Lisa Robertson LITERALLY sucks now.I think she LITERALLY either is on drugs, has OCD, or is under a hypnotic trance.

  8. Lucy Crossllin

    I have been a qvc customer for many years. Recently I discovered the 14K Imperial Gold bracelets I purchased from them are not even 10K gold. I had them acid tested by a jeweler and was astounded they were not real. When I contacted QVC for a refund, they did not hesitate, told me to return the items for a full refund. That was weeks ago, and still no refund. I have contacted customer service serval times and still dont have an answer. It’s amazing to me they can sell product and represent it as 14K Gold, yet when they are challenged on it, don’t even return your calls. What a rip off.

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