Dear consultant

Random emails from recruiters we don’t know – we’ve all gotten them at one point or another, but does anyone ever respond to these?

I just got this email. Names removed to protect… why am I protecting them? Nah – names aren’t that important.

Dear Consultant,
This is an excellent opportunity to join a winning team. Take your career to the next level and turn your interest into action. Apply Now! The only way to learn more is by taking the next step.

Job Title : PHP/ MYSQL Developer
Location : Washington DC
Duration : 6+ Months
Rate : $45/Hr on C2C

Process: Goal is a phone screen followed by a 16 hour guarantee

You had me at “dear consultant”.  I have a feeling that $45/hr in DC isn’t really all that hot of a rate.  They don’t seem to do any filtering at all – this certainly isn’t taking my career to any level I haven’t already been at.

Role: The new CTO inherited a Content Management System that is one of the products they sell. He has his team focused on enhancement and new architecture, but he needs someone to come in and fix/ troubleshoot the bugs of the old system.

So… they’ve got a mess on their hands, and the “CTO” needs a digital janitor.  For $45/hour.  Even though the existing team probably actually understands the current product/system/business much more than a green outsider would… somehow there’s enough of a need to fix bugs, and spending money on someone to ramp up from ground zero to learn the business and fix bugs is a better use of time than having the current people (who, let’s face it, probably *wrote* the damn bugs in the first place) fix the code.

Skills needed:

  • Heavy troubleshooting/ de-bugging
  • Shell Scripting
  • Expression Engine v 1

He really wants this because it is what it is built on

Sounds as good a reason as any, right?

This person needs to be able to work independently. Clearly this is not the most exciting work, but they have the ability to join a really cool team and do cool stuff if they do well.

So… they know it’s crap work, and if I agree to do a bunch of crap work, I may be able to join a really cool team (apparently too cool to maintain their own crap code). And if you do crap stuff well, apparently you’re good enough to do ‘cool’ stuff in the future (and then pass off your own crap code to another newbie 6 months from now).

Really – does ANYONE ever respond to these random recruiter emails?

UPDATE – I just got the same email from someone at a different company, except they didn’t have the editorial about “we know it’s not exciting work”. As corny as that was, it was actually a small spark of real humanity coming through.

I also know the job market is really hot for IT, and remember the dark days of 7-8 years ago when things were tougher. These same emails probably worked far more effectively than they do today, but they must still work *some* otherwise they wouldn’t be sent out like this, right?

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