ConvergeSouth 2007

So, I’m here at the keynote. I may be able to post more throughout the day – it’s hard to pay attention and blog at the same time. Anyway, Elisa Camahort gave the keynote, talking about “changing your world with blogs”. Great stories about how blog technology is being used in numerous ways. One cool story was about the Katrina relief efforts, and how people would communicate through blogs and get Fedex deliveries to affected areas before FEMA and RedCross.

Lots of cool people here I already know – Ed Cone, Anton Zuiker and Dave Johnson are three I know both from last year and from around the area. Oh, and Billy the Blogging Poet – who could forget Billy? 😉

So, I just learned that Anil Dash won’t be making it tonight. Haven’t learned yet who the replacement will be yet, but it’s bound to be good. :)

Update: I’m so easily startstruck. I just noticed Brad Krantz, from the local radio show ‘Brad and Britt’, which I’ve been listening to a lot more lately on my commute. I may go try to introduce myself later today. I tried to shower with them on the radio yesterday, but couldn’t get to the phone fast enough. B&B were trying to get someone to demonstrate a real military-style shower, but on the radio. I could have been their ‘caller of the year!’ but missed that moment of glory.

Update 2: Another familiar face just walked in – Wayne Sutton!

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