a few new ideas

Was just kicking around these ideas today a bit – we’ll see if anything comes of them:

Social ‘to do’ list

Rough idea: a service to allow people to agree to do things together. That could really be taken in many directions, and I’m not sure which (if any) I’d take, but I haven’t seen anything quite like what’s in my head yet.

Social media profile disambiguator

Perhaps there’s some API service already, but I’d like to be able to look up someone by name and get a list of all their SM profiles. looking up “@waynesutton” I’d get some commonly known ones, but I don’t know of something that would automatically know or detect that @socialwayne is related.

Restaurant customer service numbers

A service to give local restaurants a feedback phone/sms number to distribute. Call and leave your feedback via phone tree, or via text, and see the results logged/reported.

Homeowner Association Issue Tracker

This came up today talking with a friend who’s the president of his area HOA. They need a custom issue tracker. Well, need is perhaps too strong, but it’s something they’d pay for.

Any ideas you’ve had you care to share?

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